What Does an Electrical Fuse Chart Look Like?


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As of 2016, the UL Fuse Classification Chart contains six headings at the top of the chart and 13 horizontal rows under the headings. The six headings include UL Class, Fuse Overload Characteristics, Interrupting Rating, Amperes, AC Voltage Rating and Available Ampere Ratings. The Littelfuse Series Number is another heading.

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Under the UL Fuse Classification Chart's UL Class heading are letter designations, including L, RK1, RK5, T and J. The chart notes that L has a time-delay fuse overload characteristic; its AC Voltage Rating is 600 and its Interrupting Rating in Amperes is 200,000. Available Ampere ratings for L include 200 - 6000, 601 - 4000 and 200 - 2000.

RK1 likewise has 200,000 as its Interrupting Rating in Amperes, and its AC Voltage Rating is 250 and 600. RK1 has a Littelfuse Series Number of LLNRK and LLSRK. RK5 has the same Fuse Overload Characteristics, Interrupting Rating, Amperes and AC Voltage Rating as RK1, but its Littelfuse Series Numbers are FLNR & FLNR-ID, FLSR & FLSR-ID and IDSR.

T has fast-acting as its Fuse Overload Characteristic, and 300 and 600 are its AC Voltage Ratings. JLLN and JLLS are T's Littelfuse Series Numbers. J has both a fast-acting and time delay designation under the Fuse Overload Characteristics heading.

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