Are Electric Water Heaters Cheaper Than Gas Water Heaters?


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As a result of using electricity, electric water heaters are more expensive to operate than gas water heaters. Popular gas water heaters range from $250 to $1,500, whereas popular electric water heaters range from $300 to $2,800 on Amazon.com. Electric water heaters also have a more expensive installation price tag.

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Are Electric Water Heaters Cheaper Than Gas Water Heaters?
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Although electric and gas water heaters have a similar starting price tag, electric water heaters with innovative features and better efficiency can become the more expensive option. Aside from gas water heaters costing less than electric water heaters, gas is a more efficient and faster way to heat water. Gas water heaters also require less energy, which reduces operation costs.

The installation of electric water heaters can become more expensive than gas water heaters as a result of the specialized outlet and the necessary electrical wiring. When a gas line is available in the home, gas water heaters are the cheaper option. However, when the gas line is unavailable, switching from an electric water heater to a gas water heater becomes an expensive alternative. This process requires installing a gas line and providing a vent for exhaust heat, generally through the roof. This vent requires installing PVC tubing throughout the home.

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