How Does an Electric Tea Maker Work?


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An electric tea maker is functionally similar to an electric kettle, except the tea maker also contains a filter compartment for tea leaves. The tea maker boils water and keeps the water warm while the tea steeps for a preset amount of time.

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How Does an Electric Tea Maker Work?
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The Phillips tea maker works in two steps. First, it boils water in the same way as a regular electric kettle. A heating element inside the kettle comes in direct contact with the water to boil it faster than a kettle on a stove. Unlike an electric kettle the Phillips tea maker allows the user to select from a few different time and temperature options, depending on the type of tea being made. For example, the user can select green tea, black tea or herbal tea, all of which require different steeping times.

For the boiling step, the filter full of tea leaves is removed from the pot. Once the water is boiled, a bell sounds, indicating that the tea leaves can be added. Once the tea leaves are in the water, the tea maker counts down the time until the steeping is finished. The kettle is designed with insulated walls to keep the tea at the optimum temperature. After the steeping process is finished, another bell sounds, indicating that the tea is ready.

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