What Are Some Electric Oven Range Reviews?


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Electric oven ranges receive positive, negative, mixed and neutral reviews on a variety of websites. Different brands and models receive varied reviews, depending on the reviewers' experiences with the products. While some reviewers love electric oven ranges, others find fault in their performance and short life.

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An electric oven range's ability to heat up quickly is one of the most talked about features by most reviewers. Most reviewers tend to offer favorable reviews to electric oven ranges that heat up quickly and retain high temperatures for longer periods. For example, the Samsung Electric Oven Range #NE58F9710SR received positive reviews due to its ability to heat up very quickly. This is similar to the reviews for the Frigidaire FGEF306TMF electric oven range, which boils water faster than other models in the market.

The use of next-generation features in the range's display and settings panel is mentioned in a number of websites. Reviewers on Amazon mention the ability to control the cooking and baking settings on the LG LDE3037ST 30-inch electric oven range as one of the standout features of the range. Having two ovens that can cook different foods at different temperatures is also cited as an added advantage of this range.

Some reviewers quote difficulties in cleaning as one of the persistent problems with electric oven ranges. Others complain of some electric oven ranges requiring constant repairs and having a life of two years and below.

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