What Does an Electric Hydronic Boiler Do?


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An electric hydronic boiler transfers heat by running water or vapor through a closed pipe system. A network of baseboards, radiant tubing and radiators transmits heat through an entire house or other type of building.

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Because the heat comes through radiant delivery rather than through the transmission of forced air, distribution is even within a space. The heated water or vapor runs through a network in the entire house. Once the water returns to the boiler, it is continuously heated again until the temperature inside the designated zone reaches the level on the thermostat. Also, the issue of air blowing dust around does not arise, and homes using this type of system do not need ductwork unless it is necessary for the cooling system. The use of heating zones allows for the boiler to provide heat just to those spaces that the homeowner is using at a given time.

Having a unified system allows the electric hydronic boiler to heat water for use as well as the space inside the house. Depending on its location, the boiler can also melt snow or heat a pool. People who choose to have radiant heating installed in the floor have the bonus of warm floors.

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