How Does an Electric Cabbage Shredder Work?


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An electric cabbage shredder uses a rapidly spinning blade to quickly and consistently shred cabbage into equal-sized strips. Most electric cabbage shredders feature changeable inserts that allow the machine to shred cheese and slice tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables.

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The blade of an electric cabbage shredder is a stainless steel disc perforated with several holes that have raised, sharpened edges. The disc is similar in appearance and function to one side of a standard box cheese grater. As the operator feeds heads of cabbage into the shredder, the raised edges of the cutting disc catch areas on the cabbage and slice off tiny strips. The blade spins at several thousand revolutions per minute, shredding even large heads of cabbage in seconds.

A cabbage shredder's cheese grating blade appears very similar to the cabbage shredding blade, but it is typically thicker and has fewer, larger holes to deal with hard cheeses. The vegetable slicing blade is totally different in appearance. This blade is a solid disc of stainless steel with a single, large, S-shaped blade cut into its surface. As the blade spins, each pass cuts a uniform slice. Electric cabbage shredders have different vegetable slicing blades for cutting different types of vegetables and producing slices of varying thicknesses.

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