Is Elastomeric Paint Suitable for Wood Siding on a Residential Home Application?

Elastomeric paints are suitable for wood siding on a residential home application. Used only for exterior applications, these paints are stretchable, flexible and water-resistant, and have the ability to bridge any cracks on the surface to be painted.

Elastomeric paints are latex acrylic paints that are quite thick and rubberized. When applied in thick coats, the paint is tough and durable and possesses waterproofing properties. These paints have a stretch coefficient of above 1/8 inches, which gives them the ability to cover any gaps or cracks on the surface to be painted. Additionally, elastomeric paints are quite flexible, even with temperature and humidity variations. Using this paint, the appearance of wood sidings can be maintained for a long time.

Elastomeric paints are best applied when cracks that are over 1/16 inches deep have been caulked. Preferably, two coatings of this paint should be applied, as a thicker coat improves its ability to bridge gaps. However, for the elastomeric paints to last a long time, it is essential that water is not allowed behind the paint coat and that the paint is applied as per the manufacturer's specifications.

Although elastomeric paints cost approximately the same as regular paints, they require more paint and labor for application on the same area. This makes elastomeric paints a more expensive painting option.