How Does an Egg Extractor Work?


An egg extractor is a device you use to peel hard boiled eggs quickly and efficiently. It works by pushing the air out of the air cell at the tip of the egg. The pressure created causes the shell to separate from the egg and peel off.

The egg extractor was invented in 2004 under the brand name Eggstractor. It is easy to use and saves you the time you spend on manually peeling boiled eggs. It also helps you avoid wastage by peeling the shell off perfectly. With this device, you can enjoy peeling your boiled eggs without creating a mess.

To use the egg extractor successfully, you need to follow the instructions carefully. First, tap the tip of the egg on a hard surface so that the shell can break easily. Next, insert the egg into the device’s extracting hole with the narrower tip facing downwards. To peel the egg, cover it with the egg extractor’s billow and push down. The perfectly peeled egg emerges from the bottom of the device.

Reviews for the product vary, as noted by Huffington Post. For perfect results, make sure the eggs boil for long enough. Then, cool the eggs completely in a colander under running water before peeling them in the egg extractor. Also, place the egg in the correct position and apply adequate pressure when you push down on the billow.