What Are Some Efficient Ways to Remove Wallpaper?

What Are Some Efficient Ways to Remove Wallpaper?

Wallpaper removal methods include stripping, scoring, wetting and scraping the wallpaper and backing material. The type and age of the wallpaper affect how easily it comes off of the wall and the best method for removal.

Newer wallpapers may be strippable or peelable which means they come off of the wall easier than older wallpapers. Strippable paper is designed so both the top layer and backing come up. Peelable wallpaper has a top layer that peels off easily so only the backing remains. A putty knife or scraper helps loosen the corner to remove the paper from the wall.

Dampening the wallpaper helps with removal if it doesn't peel well. Applying warm water with a sponge is one method. The water should just moisten the paper without soaking into the wall behind. Adding some liquid detergent or fabric softener to the warm water can help remove pieces stuck to the wall. For particularly stubborn wall paper, stripper products are available to help with removal.

Washable wallpaper has an outer coating that makes it difficult to peel. A wallpaper scoring tool pierces holes in the outer layer so water or other liquids penetrate it.

Regardless of removal method, a putty knife is a useful tool for prying up pieces on the wall. Holding the putty knife at an angle and scraping it gently on the wall prevents gouges.