How Efficient Are Split Heat Pumps?


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The precise efficiency of a split heat pump depends on the manufacturer, but some pumps have been known to offer up to 26 SEER, which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. A split heat pump can be made even more efficient if it's built with an inverter.

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What makes split heat pumps efficient at cooling and warming is that they can take heat from outside and pump it into a home, or take heat from inside of a home and pump it outside. Split heat pumps can be a viable alternative to an oil-fired or gas unit.

Split heat pumps made with a built-in inverter can be up to 30 percent more efficient, and also offer more heat at lower temperatures. When the pump's full capacity isn't required, the compressor power and revolution decrease, which allows the unit to operate more efficiently.

Additional advantages of split heat pumps include they can be used in addition to a traditional HVAC system, and they can operate without the need for duct work. One heat pump can be used in multiple rooms, giving each room a different temperature. A mini split heat pump's outdoor unit usually operates more quietly than a standard heat pump.

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