How Efficient Are Baseboard Heaters?

How Efficient Are Baseboard Heaters?

Baseboard heaters are an alternative to standard heating systems that are effective both as primary and secondary source. The baseboard heater is a low-cost option for heating smaller homes or areas that have poor heat distribution because the heat is circulated better for higher energy efficiency.

Baseboard heaters are available in a variety of types and sizes. It is important to understand the difference before installing a baseboard heater in any home. The most common type of baseboard heater is the standard electric. The warm air is circulated around the room using convection, and the units are quiet.

Baseboard heaters can be operated by using the thermostat, but some models have the controls on the unit. The baseboards heaters that operate using a thermostat are generally attached to the wall, while models with controls are portable.

Voltage and wattage vary with each model but generally range from 120 to 240 volts and 500 to 1500 watts. The right baseboard depends on the electrical servicing in the home.

To select the correct size of baseboard heater, the size of the room that is being heated and the length of the wall space available must be taken into consideration. Generally, a small room requires a small baseboard, and a larger room requires a large baseboard.