How Do You Effectively Close a Pool for the Winter?

How Do You Effectively Close a Pool for the Winter?

To effectively close a pool for the winter, clean and disconnect the filter, drain the heater if applicable and clean out the return jet pipes. By cleaning out and closing the pool, costly problems may be avoided.

Although these procedures are easy enough for most homeowners to implement, when in doubt, seek the assistance of a pool care specialist.

  1. Gather the necessary supplies
  2. Gather the necessary supplied, including a shop vac or air compressor, plugs for the skimmers, pool cover, and winterizing chemicals.

  3. Clean the filter
  4. Backwash the filter. Blow out the filter with an air compressor to thoroughly clean.

  5. Disconnect the filter and pump
  6. Completely drain the filter by turning it upside down. Remove all drain plugs and store all parts in the pump basket.

  7. Drain the heater
  8. Drain the heater, taking care not to leave any standing water inside. Blow it out with the compressor and leave the heater tray in place.

  9. Disconnect the fittings
  10. Disconnect any unions or fittings included in the pump and filter. Remove any water inside.

  11. Remove the return jet fittings
  12. Remove the jet fittings and skimmer baskets.

  13. Blow out the pipes

    Blow out all the skimmer pipes using a shop vac or air compressor. Add an empty soda bottle to allow for water expansion in freezing weather.

  14. Take care of the main drain line
  15. Blow out the main dry line until bubbles come out of the drain.

  16. Wrap the pipes
  17. Wrap all exposed pipes in duct tape. Use as much tape as necessary to adequately protect the pipes.

  18. Remove the pool accessories
  19. Remove the diving boards, ladders, rope and floats from the pool.

  20. Add winterizing chemicals
  21. Mix the winterizing chemicals per the package instructions and mix until completely dissolved. Add to the pool.

  22. Cover the pool
  23. Cover the pool, taking care to repair any rips in the fabric.