How Do You Effectively Clean Diamonds?


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Clean a diamond by soaking it in a solution of hot water and mild detergent and then in glass cleaner, rubbing dirt off with a soft brush, and rinsing it. Use mild detergent, ammonia-containing glass cleaner, hot water and a soft bristled brush to complete this task. A lint-free cloth and rubber gloves are also handy.

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Wearing the gloves, prepare a solution of hot water and mild detergent in a sink. Plug the sink drain to prevent the diamond from falling down the drain. Immerse the diamond in the solution, and let it sit in the solution for a few minutes to loosen dirt. Pour the glass cleaner into a dish, remove the diamond from the solution, and immerse it the glass cleaner for about 10 minutes. Clear the piece of loose dirt and grime with the brush, taking care to use gentle pressure to avoid scratching the diamond.

Rinse the diamond again in the solution of hot water and detergent. Then empty the sink, and rinse the piece under hot running water. Blot the diamond dry with the lint-free cloth, and examine it for any dirt remnants. Repeat the process as needed to remove any remaining dirt or grime.

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