What Are Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Groundhogs?


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Effective ways to get rid of groundhogs include scaring them away with noisy yard decorations, fencing them out, employing chemical repellents and trapping them. Set traps using lethal or nonlethal baits, but hire a trained professional with proper equipment to remove a live groundhog.

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To scare away groundhogs, place objects around the house that create noise when wind blows, such as wind chimes, pinwheels and aluminum pie plates strung together. Using chicken wire, build a groundhog fence at least 3 feet tall with an additional foot buried underground and angled so it juts toward the outside of the property.

Commercial groundhog repellents are available, which mimic the scent of predators. Sprinkle Epsom salt on fruits and vegetables in your garden to prevent groundhogs from eating them. In addition, soak rags in ammonia, and place them around the property to repel groundhogs and prevent them from returning.

When choosing trapping as a groundhog removal method, make sure the trapping of wild animals is legal in your area. Place the trap 5 to 10 feet away from the groundhog's burrow, and bait it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Equipment such as the Rodenator eliminates burrowing animals with a concussive shockwave, including groundhogs and moles.

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