What Is an Effective Vole Repellent?


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There are several effective vole repellents, such as thiram-based repellents and rodent-proof garden fencing. Thiram-based repellents, including Shotgun Deer and Rabbit Repellent, need to be reapplied frequently and can wash away with rain. Wire mesh garden fencing can be wrapped around plant and tree roots to keep voles away.

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While thiram-based repellents can be effective against voles, they cannot be used on garden plants, and rodents can become accustomed to the smell, reducing their effectiveness. Predator urine, such as the fox and coyote urine available at trapper supply stores, is also effective at repelling voles. If using garden fencing to keep voles out, make sure to bury it at least a few inches under the ground to block the voles' tunnels.

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