What Is an Effective Treatment for Ash Borer Infestation?


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Insecticides that contain imidacloprid, clothianidin or acephate effectively treat ash borer infestations. Neem oil pesticides are also an option for treating ash borer infestations, according to Laurie Blake for the Star Tribune.

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What Is an Effective Treatment for Ash Borer Infestation?
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Granular and soil drench products that contain the recommended insecticides are typically added to the soil surrounding the tree, or holes are drilled in the tree and the insecticide is placed inside the tree. Granular and soil drench products are generally applied at the beginning of spring. Each product should be used according to the directions on the packaging, and trees in the surrounding area may be treated as a preventative measure.

Organic options are also available to treat ash borer infestations. For instance, pesticides made with neem oil are more environmentally friendly than traditional options but also work to effectively eliminate ash borers. Neem oil treatments are typically injected into the trunk of the tree and are reapplied at regular intervals over time to prevent additional infestations.

Professional contractors have access to stronger, more effective insecticides that may work more efficiently than other products. For instance, the pesticide azadirachtin is available to professionals. Azadirachtin and other professional pesticides require fewer treatments than products available to regular consumers. To treat serious infestations or determine whether an ash borer is present, contact an arborist. Some trees, such as those with over 50 percent leaf loss or other significant damage, may require removal rather than treatment.

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