What Are Some Effective Methods for Scaring Pigeons Away?


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Using anti-roosting wire systems and installing scarecrows and barriers are some effective methods for scaring pigeons away. These methods help in preventing pigeons from establishing a roosting area, driving the birds away before they can land in a possible nesting and roosting place within a property.

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Rustproof pigeon spikes and wire mesh and wires can help deter pigeons from resting, perching and roosting on rails and wall edges. These are ideal for places where pigeons roost during daytime. Barriers, such as plastic mesh netting and metal sheet blocks, may be used in preventing the birds from making nests and occupying ledges, window air-conditioning units and other flat potential roosting areas.

Improvised or store-bought pigeon scarecrows, such as kites with hawk silhouettes and wind-powered predator-like kites are effective in scaring pigeons away. These may be installed on roofs, balconies and gardens where the pigeon population poses a problem.

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