What Are Some Effective Methods for Getting Rid of Gophers?


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Traps, specially designed gopher poisons, gopher repellents, fumigation and flooding of the gophers' tunnels can all remove gophers. Pets and their waste serve as deterrents, and noisemakers, such as chimes and burrow blasters, encourage gophers to leave.

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Gopher traps come in lethal and non-lethal varieties. Consult an animal control expert for the disposal or release of any wildlife caught in traps.

Popular gopher repellents are made with non-lethal castor oil granules. The scent of the granules penetrates deep into the burrow and surrounding ground, driving the gophers away from the area. Spread the granules across the yard or area affected by the gophers, and apply water to begin the repellent process.

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