What Are Some Effective Methods of Eradicating Beetles?


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Eliminate wood-boring beetles living indoors by freezing infested items, applying an insecticide to infested areas or fumigating the home. Eliminate outdoor beetles with nematodes and soapy water.

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Treatment for other types of beetle infestations include the use of pheromone-based traps, vacuuming live beetles in the home to remove them, and reducing outdoor lights on the property. Seal a home with window screen and caulking to prevent beetles from entering. Discard all infested food or clothing.

Treat outdoor beetle infestations by applying beneficial nematodes to damp soil on the property to kill beetle larvae. Nematodes do not produce immediate results, requiring additional measures for immediate beetle control. In the beginning of the summer, from June until late July, allow affected areas to become very dry; this helps eradicate beetle larvae living in the soil. Beetles prefer to lay their eggs in moist soil.

Eliminate some species of outdoor beetles by shaking plants over a bucket of soapy water or by picking the beetles off the plants individually and placing them into soapy water. Place yellow sticky traps in various parts of a garden to monitor and reduce beetle populations. Some beetles, such as the ladybug, are beneficial and should be left undisturbed.

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