What Are Some Effective Methods of Cleaning Hardwood Floors?


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Clean hardwood floors by using a dust mop to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris from the floor, or use the floor-brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner weekly or twice a week. Deep clean the floors with a wood-cleaning product every few months. Treat stains on the floor as they occur. Prevent damage and the buildup of dirt and grime on hardwood by using floor protectors and mats in high-traffic areas.

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What Are Some Effective Methods of Cleaning Hardwood Floors?
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Use a dust mop for basic floor care, using the dust mop daily or a few times weekly to pick up dust and other debris that may scratch the flooring. An electric broom or vacuum cleaner with a floor brush attachment can be used for deeper cleaning, while treatment with a wood-cleaning product diluted per the manufacturers instructions using a rag mop or sponge and then rinsed away gets to deep-down dirt.

Removing marks on hardwood as they're noticed is a good way to keep the floor looking good. Wipe surface stains away with a clean soft cloth, or use floor wax and a No. 000 steel wool pad to remove pet stains, dark spots and heel marks. Oil-based stains are sometimes removable with dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth.

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