What Is the Most Effective Homemade Remedy for Flea Control?

Boric acid is an effective do-it-yourself treatment for flea control. It works by dehydrating the fleas. It can be dusted wherever an infestation is suspected, but it should not be used around pets.

Other effective home remedies for flea removal are more pet- and child-friendly. Vinegar is touted as being effective, but it may take several application to completely eliminate the infestation. Because it's all-natural and safe around children and pets, many prefer it to a chemical solution.

Ingredients such as lemon, salt and borax also may be useful to treat flea infestations, and they're safer than commercial flea sprays that contain harmful chemicals.

A dish of soapy water with a lit tealight candle in the center may reduce indoor flea populations. Light from the candle attracts the fleas, and the soapy water traps them. The fleas eventually die in the water.

Giving pets baths with vinegar or a flea soap, washing their bedding and general daily household cleaning all can help reduce the number of fleas in a home where an outbreak has occurred. In addition, herbs and oil such as lavender can be used. However, because animals can be sensitive to such remedies, the remedies should be used with proper knowledge and care.