What Are Some Effective Home Remedies to Kill Silverfish?

What Are Some Effective Home Remedies to Kill Silverfish?

Effective home remedies to kill silverfish include putting out sticky bug traps, placing bait inside a jar wrapped with masking tape and applying chemical pesticides in the infested areas of the house. Boric acid and liquid pyrethrin are two types of pesticides that kill silverfish.

There are several ways to trap silverfish and kill them without the use of potentially harmful chemical pesticides. Silverfish seek out damp areas, so leave moistened newspapers out overnight to trap the silverfish inside. Dispose of the newspapers outside of the house the next day to get rid of any silverfish that died in the trap.

A more effective method consists of putting out a baited jar wrapped in packing tape. The best bait is bread or moist cotton balls, but filling the jar with water and sugar also works. The silverfish climb into the jar for the bait and die inside the jar when they cannot escape. Store-bought sticky traps are similarly effective.

Chemical pesticides such as liquid pyrethrin and boric acid kill silverfish. Spray the liquid pyrethin onto baseboards, doors and windows. Apply boric acid in small amounts around affected areas, and reapply it as needed. However, because chemical pesticides can be harmful to animals and small children, it is best to use natural solutions whenever possible.

For urgent situations, call an exterminator to locate the source of the silverfish infestation and take care of it much more quickly.