What Are Some Effective Extermination Techniques for Squirrels?

What Are Some Effective Extermination Techniques for Squirrels?

Some effective extermination techniques for squirrels include getting a dog and trapping them, notes HGTV.com. Sprinkling cayenne pepper around plants, setting up treats on another end of the yard, installing a sprinkler system and setting up nets can also help keep squirrels away from plants.

Dogs and other outdoor pets can scare squirrels away from the yard. Dogs are often effective pest control aids for squirrels. If getting a dog is not possible, sometimes scattering dog hair can also be effective. Squirrels can smell the presence of a dog in the area and may keep their distance.

Trapping is not an option in all cases as some states have laws against trapping wild animals. However, if trapping is allowed, gardeners can set up a live animal trap with bait and set the squirrel free at least five miles away from the house. Trapping is not a good idea in areas with high squirrel populations as it can be extremely difficult to trap an entire squirrel population.

Deterring squirrels from garden plants is a very effective method of squirrel control. Cayenne pepper makes an excellent deterrent as squirrels do not like the smell of the spice. They also dislike certain garden plants, such as mint, garlic, daffodils, snowdrops and hyacinths.

Protecting bulbs with wire can be effective, as noted by the Farmer's Almanac. Gardeners can place wire directly over bulbs, letting the foliage grow through and keeping the bulbs out of reach. Gardeners can use netting to protect other garden plants.

Adding a motion sensor sprinkler system can scare squirrels away. Sprinklers can also deter other animals, such as deer.

Sometimes, luring squirrels away to another part of the yard can be useful. To do so, set up a feeder full of treats far away from garden plants.