How Effective Is Diatomaceous Earth Against Bed Bugs and How Should It Be Used?


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Diatomaceous earth is very effective against bed bugs. When sprinkled on insects with exoskeletons, such as bed bugs, the sharp, powdery particles of diatomaceous earth stick to the bug. As the bug moves, the diatomaceous earth slowly cuts it into pieces.

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Another way that diatomaceous earth works against bed bugs is by sticking to the insect and causing it to dry out. It comprises the skin of insects, effectively killing them. However, it is safe for mammals to come into contact with.

The first thing to check for when using diatomaceous earth to get rid of bed bugs is that the product being used is food grade. Some diatomaceous earth products are made for swimming pools and are not safe for humans or other mammals.

To apply diatomaceous earth, move the affected bed away from any walls and don't let the covers touch the floor. Shake the product around all legs of the bed, as well as on the mattress and box-spring, especially in the seams. It is also recommended to sprinkle the product over the carpet or any affected furniture. Diatomaceous earth is also safe for rubbing in the fur of pets. After the diatomaceous earth sits for a while, vacuum it up and dispose of the contents.

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