What Is an Effective Crabgrass Removal Method?

What Is an Effective Crabgrass Removal Method?

Remove crabgrass effectively by pulling it up by hand and sowing grass seed or placing sod over the area. Keep crabgrass away by watering and maintaining your lawn well. You need a spade, mulch, and grass seed or sod.

  1. Pull up the crabgrass

    Soak the crabgrass infested area, because weeds pull out more easily when the soil is wet. Grasp the crabgrass right next to the ground with a firm grip. Slowly and steadily pull it up so all the roots come out with it. If the top blades tear or the root breaks, dig around the weed, grasp the rest of the broken piece, and pull it out.

  2. Plant new grass

    To prevent crabgrass from growing back, place a light covering of mulch over the spot. Eventually lawn grass spreads to the area, but to speed up the process, plant grass seeds or cut a piece of sod to cover the empty space.

  3. Maintain the lawn

    Maintain the lawn well to prevent crabgrass from returning. Water the lawn deeply but not too often. Keep the grass 2 1/2 to 3 inches high to deprive crabgrass of the light it needs. Crabgrass has shallow roots, and the shade of the tall grass inhibits its growth. Avoid bare spots on the lawn by applying sod or seeding them.