What Is an Effective Brand of Lizard Repellent Spray?

effective-brand-lizard-repellent-spray Credit: AlexanderCher/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Ridsect Lizard Repellent and Obasan Organic Lizard Repellent Spray are effective sprays for repelling lizards. Pest-Rid Spray is also an effective spray for repelling lizards, as well as various other pests.

Ridsect Lizard Repellent spray prevents lizards from entering houses when users spray it around all of the outside entry points. It also stops lizards from being able to cling to walls and other surfaces.

Obasan Organic Lizard Repellent Spray kills lizards that have already entered houses. Users must spray it onto their walls, carpets, floors and furniture.

Pest-Rid Spray is a nontoxic, eco-friendly product that is made with all-natural ingredients. Users must spray it around the exterior of their homes to deter lizards from entering them.