How Does an Edison Dehumidifier Help Allergy Sufferers?


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An Edison Dehumidifier creates a hostile, dilapidated environment for dust mites and mildew by drastically decreasing the amount of moisture in a home. With these problematic elements drastically suppressed, those who suffer from nasal stuffiness or itching caused by allergic reactions live exponentially more comfortable lives.

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Using a fan to draw in surrounding air, the dehumidifier's coils collect the air's moisture. The air is then reheated and exhausted back into the environment creating a cleaner and far more breathable living experience, especially for those with allergies. The captured moisture drips into a removable reservoir, which makes for easy disposal. This reservoir can also be attached to a hose that transfers the moisture into a pump or floor drain eliminating the need to relocate the moisture manually.

The most notorious indoor allergy triggers are mold, mildew and dust mites. Areas higher in moisture, such as a bathroom cabinet or a damp garage, are typically where mold and mildew are found. Dust mites thrive in areas with higher humidity including bedspreads, lampshades, carpet and even the air. A dehumidifier is often suggested by doctors to patients who suffer from allergies, asthma or both. To accommodate the needs of consumers, ranging from commercial to industrial necessities, Edison models vary in price, size and personal compatibility.

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