What Edging Options Are Available for Kitchen Countertops?


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Edging options for kitchen countertops include bull-nose, ogee, square, square and mitered, and French cove. The bull-nose edge can be demi-bull-nose, bull-nose or 1 1/2-inch bull-nose. In the first, the curve ends at the counter's end; in the second, the curve sits atop the counter end.

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In a 1 1/2-inch bull-nose edge, the curve partially wraps around the end of the counter. An ogee edging has an S-curve and is a traditional look. The clean lines of a square edging complement a more contemporary kitchen, and a square and mitered edge is often used on an especially thick countertop. The French cove has a flat surface, a convex curve and then what looks like a small shelf at the bottom.

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