How Do You Edge a Lawn?


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To edge a lawn, clear the debris around the area, then use a power edger to trim the unwanted grass and a string trimmer to remove weeds. Use a blower or a broom to remove the grass clippings.

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  1. Clear debris around the lawn borders

    Remove sticks and rocks from the edges of the grass. These can fly into your face or body when you use the power edger.

  2. Use a power edger

    Point the blade of the power edger toward the edge of the grass. If you are using a power edger with a wheel, make sure that the wheel sits on the opposite side of the grass. Hold the edger so that the blade goes at least 1 inch into the soil. Periodically turn the edger off and look behind you to check that the edging is even. Move the blade closer to the grass to cut more off the edge.

  3. Use a string trimmer

    For edges with tough or overgrown weeds or areas with objects that you cannot move, such as mailboxes or fence posts, use a string trimmer. Place the trimmer over the weeds so that the string is just above them. Lower the trimmer slowly onto the weeds.

  4. Clean the grass clippings

    Sweep away the grass clippings and debris with a broom. Use a blower for larger amounts of grass.

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