How Does the EdenPURE Quartz Heater Work?


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EdenPURE quartz heaters work by heating a specially prepared quartz infrared bulb and transferring that heat to a set of three copper exchangers before forcing heat into a room using an interior fan. This makes the EdenPURE quartz heater a variety of forced-air heater.

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The filament found in the quartz infrared bulb is designed to deliver heat more effectively than it produces light, allowing it to heat quickly and spread its warmth to the patented three-exchanger setup of the EdenPURE system. An interior fan forces hot air out of the unit and into the room, warming the environment with hot air that is created without the need for open combustion. The use of a three-exchanger system helps ensure that the heat is retained even after the thermostat controlling activation of the quartz infrared bulb shuts down the heat source.

EdenPURE claims that the lack of open combustion helps reduce or eliminate the dry air issues associated with combustion-related systems. The use of the fan and exchanger system allows the system to use the natural moisture in the room to transfer heat efficiently, according to the manufacturer. EdenPURE also claims that the placement of a copper sheet near a furnace led to the discovery of the core concept that drives its system.

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