How Are EcoWater Softeners Rated by Consumers?


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EcoWater softeners are usually rated well by consumers, as of 2015. Reviewers find the product appealing because of its low maintenance and high rate of effectiveness. Many consumers who purchase EcoWater softeners are so satisfied with them that they go on to buy complete EcoWater filtration systems.

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Overall, consumers say that EcoWater softeners are great at softening water and removing chlorine, sediment and hard minerals from their water supplies. Many say that their softened water even helped them save up to 30 percent on their hot water heating costs. Consumers also like that the water is filtered and softened without compromising the water flow, due to a layer of coconut-shell carbon that the water passes through during the softening process. Consumers also report using up to 75 percent less of their soap, shampoo, laundry detergent and others cleaners due to the improved softness of their water.

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