What Is Eating My Roses?


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According to Rose Magazine, there are a variety of garden pests that eat roses, including aphids, cane borers, earwigs and pear slugs. Aphids feed on growing shoot sap, whereas cane borers feed on the rose canes. Earwigs and pear slugs feed on rose leaves.

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What Is Eating My Roses?
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Aphids can be controlled by spraying the roses with insecticidal soap or a homemade solution of 1 part water and 1 part alcohol-based mouthwash. Sealing the rose-cane tips with all-purpose glue helps to deter cane borers from feeding on the tips. Pear slugs can also be deterred by spraying the leaves with insecticidal soap. Watering the soil with a chemical drench is the best way to deter earwigs, as they hide during the day and feed at night.

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