What Are Some Easy Ways to Repair a Gas Stove?


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Common problems reported with gas stoves include burners that do not ignite properly and ovens that do not get hot; these can often be remedied by thorough cleaning and replacing minor electrical parts. There are a number of things users can check before calling a professional for a larger repair.

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For a gas stove that won't light, first clean any soot or debris from the igniter and the pilot. If the problem persists, clean the burner assembly. This can be done by raising the lid to the stove, locating the tubes, ports and burner valves and cleaning them with a small brush. If this does not remedy the issue, examine the spark ignition system. There are a number of elements in the ignition system that can deteriorate and that may need replacement, such as the wires, control modules, switches or the igniter itself.

For an oven that does not get hot, the first thing to check is the fuse for the oven's ignition system. The fuse may be located in different places on different brands or models, check the specific product's owner's manual for the fuse location. If the fuse element is burned out, it can be replaced with a same-sized fuse. It's also useful to locate the oven's pilot light and determine if it needs to be cleaned.

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