What Are Some Easy Ways of Identifying Caterpillars in Florida?


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To identify caterpillars in Florida, look at their main body color and pattern as well as their hair density. Also look for conspicuous features such as spines, a split tail or head horns.

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A caterpillar's body pattern can be banded, striped, spotted or slashed. A caterpillar may also lack a banded body pattern or exhibit a pattern that camouflages with its surroundings. Location is another key factor for identifying caterpillars because some caterpillars only live in certain places. For example, the hag caterpillar is found only in shrubs and forest trees.

Look for features that stand out to identify Florida caterpillars such as the puss caterpillar, also called the Trump caterpillar. This Florida caterpillar's main identifying feature is that its long, fur-like hair resembles the hair of Donald Trump.

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