What Is an Easy Way to Repair a Dual Pane Glass Window?

There are three different options for installing new glass depending on the window: gasket seal, adhesive tape seal and caulk seal. Before planning the glass installation, order the replacement glass from a specialist, who can determine the size and thickness needed. Repairing a dual-pane glass window is a moderately easy project that can be completed within a day for less than $100; the benefit of a do-it-yourself repair is the money saved, but make certain of warranty information and project details to ensure the savings are worth the effort.

The best method for dual-pane glass window replacement is to use the same method as the original glass installation. If it was gasket sealed, the replacement should utilize the gasket seal approach. A hammer, caulk gun, four-in-one screwdriver, dust mask, drill, utility knife and putty knife are needed.

If the edges of the insulated glass are held with a one-piece gasket of vinyl or similar material, the gasket method is recommended. Unscrew the two opposing diagonal corners of the sash, leaving the other two in place for easy reassembly. Replace the old glass with the new, using the same gaskets.

To use the setting tape seal method, slice the setting tape with a putty knife and remove the window, being careful not to damage the window stops that hold the glass in place. Replace the tape with the correct double-sided setting tape and install new glass.

The caulk seal method is the hardest of the three due to the fact that the glass is caulked in place and removing the glass without damaging the frame is difficult. Use a putty knife and gradually work off the stops. A heating gun may help soften and weaken the adhesive. If the stops are damaged, try gluing them back together, since matching stops are often hard to find. Apply caulking to the edge of the glass, and then install and replace the stops.