What Is an Easy Way to Paint a Ceiling?


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To easily paint a ceiling, remove all items in the room, use painter's tape to achieve a neat paint job and choose the appropriate ceiling paint. Additionally, prepare the necessary tools, including a trim brush, stepladder and a roller with an extension pole.

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Place dropcloths over large furniture items that are hard to move, as well as to cover the floor. After removing smaller furniture, cover the top end of the walls using a quick-release painter's tape. Use ceiling paint, which easily conceals blemishes and stains due to its matte finish, suggests SFGate.

If using wall paint, use a primer first to ensure imperfections do not appear after the paint job. When painting a new coat over a white ceiling, choose a color-changing paint that shows a faint blue or another color but changes to a white finish to avoid confusion on which areas are done and which portions are not yet covered.

A trim brush and stepladder are essential tools when cutting in the seams at the areas where the ceiling and the edge of the wall meet. Avoid lines by starting at the central part of the ceiling while the cut lines are still damp, and save time by using a roller with an extension pole. Smooth out lines by painting in a zigzag motion.

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