What Is an Easy Way to Make a Bench?

What Is an Easy Way to Make a Bench?

Create an easy garden bench using 12 cinder blocks and five 8-foot 4-by-4s. Add cushions to make the seating more comfortable. Hold this simple project together using construction adhesive approved for concrete use.

Paint the cinder blocks, and allow the paint to dry. Stand three cinder blocks upright, and stack two blocks horizontally on top of them. Adjust the vertical blocks to space them evenly and so they support both ends of the horizontal blocks. Use the construction adhesive to glue the blocks in place. Repeat the process to build the support on the opposite end of the bench.

Slide 4-by-4s into the front three openings of the horizontal blocks of the two supports. Place a carpenter's level on the 4-by-4s to ensure the supports are level with each other. If necessary, remove soil from under one of the supports to level the bench.

To create a back support, stand a cinder block vertically at the back of the bench support, and glue it into place. Repeat the process on the opposite end of the bench. Slide two 4-by-4s through the uprights to form the backrest.

Place outdoor cushions on the seat of the bench, and add more along the back. For longer life store the pillows inside out of the elements when the bench is not in use.