What Is an Easy Way to Build a Stepping Stone Walkway?


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An easy way too build a stepping stone walkway is to first look at the area and determine where it should be installed. Purchase materials such as natural flagstones or man-made paving and coarse sand. Also, gather digging tools such as a wheelbarrow and a garden trowel.

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To decide where to put the stepping stone walkway, look at the area and notice if there are any worn paths made by people walking. This makes a practical route with less grass to remove. Next, walk along the determined path and observe your stride. Place a marker where your foot naturally falls, and use this as a guide for placing stones.

To lay the stepping stones, use a wheelbarrow to carry them to the site, and lay them next to the markers. Carve a line around the edges of the stones, and set then set the stones aside. Dig out the area, making sure the hole is the depth of the stone plus one inch. Make the bottom as flat as possible and use a level.

Add about a half an inch of sand to the bottom of the hole, leveling it out. Spray the sand with water to help pack it down. Press the stones into place, and add more sand around them.

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