What Is an Easy Way to Build a Fence?


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To build a wooden fence, first determine the desired fence height, mark the corners by placing stakes on them, and tie a string around all the stakes. Determine and stake the locations of support posts, and dig the holes there using a post-holer. Place the posts in the holes, fill 2/3 of the holes with instant concrete, add water, and stir the mixture. Attach a builder's line to the end posts, add the support boards, and attach the privacy boards.

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When digging the holes, make sure that their depth is at least 1/3 of the posts' length, and that the holes are wider than the posts are. When attaching a builder's line, make sure to pull it between the two end posts at the same height. When adding the support boards, make sure that the rails are long enough to reach the centers of two posts, and that they are located less than 24 inches from each other. When attaching the privacy boards, choose the style you like the best, as there are many ways to attach the boards. Use a nail gun or nail the boards by hand using 8d spiral shank galvanized nails.

After the fence is built, paint it, stain or coat it with weather-proofing material to extend its life.

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