What Are Some Easy Steps to Redoing Kitchen Cabinets on Your Own?


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To update kitchen cabinets easily, remove the old hardware, clean and sand the surfaces of the cabinets, paint the cabinets and install new hardware. Basic tools, such as a paintbrush, sandpaper and a screwdriver, are necessary for redoing cabinets. Allow the paint to dry up to 48 hours before replacing the hardware and doors.

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  1. Remove old hardware

    Remove the door pulls and cabinet handles. Most cabinet hardware can be removed with a screwdriver. Save the hardware and screws.

  2. Clean the cabinets

    Clean the cabinets thoroughly with hot, soapy water or a citrus-base, degreasing cleaner. Allow the cabinets to dry completely, and inspect them to ensure that they are free of dust or hard-to-remove grease.

  3. Paint the cabinets

    Remove the cabinet doors and hinges, and sand the cabinets lightly with fine sandpaper to ensure that the new paint sticks properly. Particle board cabinets may require sanding with a rougher grain sandpaper to ensure that the new paint sticks. Paint the cabinet doors outside on a sheet of plastic to reduce cleanup and drying time, and allow at least 24 hours to pass before replacing the cabinet doors to ensure that the paint has properly dried. Replace the doors after they dry completely.

  4. Replace the cabinet hardware

    Replace the old hardware, or purchase and install new hardware to update the look of the cabinets.

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