What Are Some Easy Pantry Shelving Solutions?


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Easy pantry shelving solutions include mounting racks to the pantry door or to the underside of existing shelves to increase storage space, or placing wheeled crates below pantry shelves to store reusable bags, snacks and other items. Another solution for organizing pantry shelves is to use curtain tension rods as support dividers to store cutting boards and sheet pans.

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Pantry shelving solutions typically depend on the style and dimensions of the existing pantry space. Install deep-set shelves on sliders to maximize the available space of a small pantry, and use shallow shelves, either alone or in conjunction with roll-out shelves, for reach-in and recessed pantries. Horizontal pullout racks and columns are ideal for storing spices, jars and canned items and work well with both large and small pantries.

Install stationary pantry shelves for additional storage space, and utilize options such as moving, rotating or collapsible shelving to ensure more efficient organization. Install wire shelves or racks to make finding and identifying pantry items easier. Mounting a small rack with labeled hooks to store measuring cups provides a simple and effective way to keep them organized. Mounting pre-made closet storage racks to the interior of a pantry is an easy way to create additional space for canned goods and other items.

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