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Easy Out tools are screw extractors designed to remove broken and stripped screws. They are often sold in sets containing different sized pieces for both screw and bolt removal.

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Easy Out extractors have a spiral flute structure. They are effectively a tapered screw threads, designed to be left-handed and used on right-handed threads. The Easy Out is prepared by drilling the problematic screw with a conventional bit until the extractor can be inserted. It is attached to a tap wrench by inserting the wrench through the hole in the handle, then rotated counter clockwise to lock the spiral flutes into the screw. After it's locked into place, the tap wrench and connected extractor turn the bound screw out.

The disadvantage of Easy Out extractors is that the spiral flutes that lock into the screw wedge and expand the already drilled out screw. This could cause the screw to become even more embedded, increasing the difficulty of extraction.

Easy Out extractors come in different sized sets, like the eight-piece Easy Out Screw Bolt Extractor Set. These spiral flutes are made of carbon steel and come in 5/32, 5/16, 1/4, 9/32 and 7/16 inches. Larger sizes like the 5/8 and 15/16 inch flutes are also included and used for large bolt removal. Amazon customer reviews are generally positive, stating that the set is worth the retail price, approximately $17.00 as of 2015.

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