Is It Easy to Install a Maytag Microwave?


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Maytag makes both standalone and over-the-range microwaves; standalone microwaves can simply be plugged in, while over-the-range models need to have a compartment built to hold them. Homeowners comfortable with handling saws, drills and bolts can typically install over-the-range microwaves.

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Countertop microwaves require no special installation. Once they are in place and plugged in, they are ready to operate, although some homeowners may want to drill holes to hide the electrical cord. Some homes may have a compartment capable of holding an over-the-range microwave, simplifying the installation process if the purchased microwave is sized correctly. The process of building a space for a microwave over a range can be challenging, so homeowners might want to hire an expert to prevent damaging their kitchen.

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