What Are Some Easy Housecleaning Tips?


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Easy housecleaning tips include using a vacuum cleaner with an extended cord, sticking to a routine, stashing supplies, focusing solely on progress and cleaning along the way. Other tips include investing in proper tools and decluttering prior to the scheduled cleaning day.

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Establishing a cleaning pattern helps save time during the cleaning routine. One pattern calls for cleaning beginning to the left side of the door to each room and moving from top to down in a clockwise movement. Following a plan prevents backtracking, thereby saving time. Scheduling a regular weekly cleaning pattern and sticking to it means the job is completed in record time.

Invest in proper, specialized, sturdy and well-made cleaning tools helps make cleaning easier. The tools should be durable enough to clean the floors, counters and walls effectively. Cleaning cloths need be easy to launder in bleach and hot water. The housecleaner should gather all cleaning tools necessary before getting started to avoid wasting time.

Cleaning is easy and goes quickly if personal clutter is organized. A quick cleanup is impossible when the floors and all horizontal surfaces are full of clutter, dishes, dirt, toys and papers. People waste a lot of time if they have to declutter during cleaning.

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