What Are Some Easy-to-Grow Outdoor Plants and Flowers?

What Are Some Easy-to-Grow Outdoor Plants and Flowers?

Coreopsis, hellebore, Japanese painted fern, Becky daisy and David phlox are some easy plants and flowers to grow outdoors. Coreopsis, commonly known as tickseed, is a drought-tolerant plant that thrives in full sun, even in poor soil conditions. The plant grows in zones three through 11, where it produces bright yellow blossoms throughout the summer.

Hellobore, genus Helleborus, is drought-tolerant and deer- and rabbit-resistant. The perennial flower is a good choice for shady areas and blooms early in spring and stays evergreen year round in most areas. The plant grows to two feet tall and spreads up to three feet in zones four through nine.

Japanese painted fern, Athyrium nipponicum, also grows well in the shade and provides silvery-green foliage with burgundy markings. The compact, care-free plant is hardy in zones four through eight and grows to 1 foot tall by 3 feet wide.

Becky daisy, genus Leucanthemum, blooms with white blossoms with bright yellow centers throughout the summer and fall. The tall three-foot stems are ideal for cut flowers. The plant is perennial in zones four through nine.

Unlike many varieties of garden phlox, the David cultivar of Phlox paniculata is mildew-resistant. The 3 1/2-foot tall plant produces white flowers from mid to late summer. Winter hardy in zones three through eight, this versatile plant tolerates full sun to part shade.