What Is an Easy, Effective Way to Get Rid of Moles Without Killing Them?


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An easy way to get rid of moles without harming them is to reduce the amount of water in a lawn or garden. Watering a garden every two or three days instead of every day can reduce the amount of worms in the soil which reduces the presence of moles.

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Alternatively, using cat litter is also an easy way to get rid of moles. Placing cat litter into mole holes drives the moles out as they are fearful of cats and can detect their smell in the litter. Another way to get rid of moles is by spraying castor oil over a garden, but this method requires reapplication every two days. A castor oil concentrate mixture uses 6 ounces of castor oil and 2 tablespoons of soap. This concentrate is suitable for application directly on a garden or for watering plants with a dilution consisting of a gallon of water per ounce of concentrate.

An easy way to deter moles from a specific garden area is by planting daffodils and marigolds in that area. If none of these methods work, vibrating stakes around the lawn or garden can deter moles. However, this method is the most expensive and there are many different types of stakes to choose from. This method requires continuous usage of the vibrating stakes before they start getting rid of moles.

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