What Are Some Easy DIY Refrigerator Repairs?


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Some easy DIY refrigerator repairs include door gasket replacement and temperature control thermostat replacement. These repairs take a short time and only require a few tools and the right parts.

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To repair a worn or damaged gasket that prevents the fridge from sealing effectively, open the fridge door and peel back the rubber gasket. Check the fastening screws along the door’s sides and loosen them before removing the gasket from the areas. Install a new gasket, carefully slipping it under the retaining strip, and test the door to ensure a good sealing effect before tightening the screws.

Repair a thermostat by first disconnecting the refrigerator from the power socket. Remove the thermostat’s control knob by pulling it straight off. Unscrew the control housing and detach it from its compartment. Release the brackets holding the sensing tube and the temperature control thermostat in their housing. Disconnect the wires attached to the thermostat and tag them or take a photo to determine their placement during reconnection.

Use the photo to attach the wires to your new thermostat and gently straighten its sensor tube. Reposition the new thermostat in the control housing and ensure it fits snugly before reattaching the housing in the fridge. Replace the screws and tighten them, then push the control knob back onto the thermostat.

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