What Are Some Easy DIY Projects for Home?


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Easy DIY projects for home include decorating ideas, such as painting thrift store metal candlesticks and making wall hangings from autumn leaves. Others projects are functional, such as making a scarf organizer.

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To prepare old candlesticks for painting, take off leftover wax using paint thinner and a cloth. Treat the candlesticks with an even coat of spray paint primer for metal. After the primer has dried, apply a light, even coat of spray paint in a bold color. After this dries, apply a second coat. Hold the can 10 to 12 inches away from the candlestick during all spray painting.

To make autumn wall hangings, collect a few attractive fallen leaves. Place them under heavy books to flatten them. After the leaves are smoothed out, makes copies using a color photocopier. Glue the prints to inexpensive canvas-covered boards from an art supply store. To finish, glue a small wood frame to the back of each canvas. This provides a wall hanger, and it also lifts the print away from the wall.

To make a scarf organizer, start with a padded clothes hanger. Clip several shower curtain rings to the hanger's bottom bar. Coordinate the hanger and ring colors, if desired. Slip a scarf through each ring, and hang the organizer in the closet or on a hook.

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