What Are Some Easy DIY Projects?


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Some easy DIY projects include the making of an art frame, a cutting board, crate table or pet bed. The construction of a birdhouse or a bottle carrier is also a good starting project.

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What Are Some Easy DIY Projects?
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The creation of a cutting board, which is used to showcase or prepare culinary creations, requires a tablesaw, sandpaper, mineral oil and untreated hardwood. To make the board food-safe, make sure the mineral oil used is food grade. An art frame is made by using pine board, which is relatively inexpensive. The wooden frames are easily put together using wood glue and convenient wood joiners, and because it is able to be made with or without a miter saw, it is a perfect project for beginners.

Assembling a crate table requires casters, a sheet of plywood and crates. Screw the casters to the plywood to form the base of the table, while securing crates to the top of it. The crates should face outwards for them to double as handy shelves. A pet bed, one of the simplest projects for beginner woodworkers to make, is constructed with furring strips and a pine board. To fasten the wood together, use a nail gun, wood glue and a joining jig.

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