What Are Some Easy DIY Plumbing Tips?


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Some DIY plumbing tips include knowing where the water shutoff valves are and having a stocked plumbing toolbox. A homeowner should also know the basic layout of the home’s plumbing system.

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Every home’s plumbing system is slightly different, so it is important to know the basic layout. A professional plumber can explain this. It helps when there is a clog or other problem so the homeowner can determine what other aspects of the plumbing might be affected. A toolbox for plumbing repairs should have multiple types of screwdrivers and wrenches, electric drill, toilet and drain auger, plunger and various other tools.

A DIY plumber should know how to use an auger instead of attempting to use chemical drain-cleaning products. These are rarely useful since most clogged drains are caused by obstructions such as food debris or hair. The auger helps to clear the drain by pulling up the debris so they can be disposed of properly.

Before completing bigger plumbing repairs, the water needs to be shut off. Every major area of the home should have a water shutoff valve. A person who wants to do his own plumbing repairs should know where these valves are located and how to use them. If there is a leak, turning off the water is the first step.

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